Wasswa Shadrack & Family of a single - mother and a twin sister @ 7 years educational needs a hand of hope!!




 Nnalongo Single Mother to Wasswa and two other daughters.

Our community is more in disgrace and now we as the African Rising Son Initiative after a period of time various Initiative members have sympathized with one young boy born with a sister Aged 7 years so active and not attending school yet its school time and Children are already in school. (Wasswa Ssenyonjo Shadrack was born with a twin sister Nakato Sharon Nakazibweon the 17th - 01 - 2012).

These two children have been seen playing around the community overtimes during school period and it has ever rendered the whole team wondering what could actually be the cause of these Children’s way of living as they appear not so pleasing and content with the life they have been living all along with in Kawempe Slum Community. And so for that matter we took initiative to approach the family at their slum located single old fashioned rental roof which provides them with a roof over their heads 

ARS Engagement:


ARS has got deeper with this family and we have reached out to the mother who cares and struggles for the family of the three siblings after being first before further actions are done the entire team heartfelt for the life the family is living and have decided to call upon people to join us make a statement in different people’s lives. 

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Unfortunately “Nnalongo” Luanda title for a mother of the twins informed us as she has been affected with HIV/Aids for the previous 14 years. And having better news informing us that Wasswa and Nakato are twins who were born un affected. But uncertain that their oldest sister Angela Nambazira who is now 10 years was  born earlier 2009 before the twins  but was born affected with the illness but that doesn’t deter her a chance to access education if the opportunity door has once been opened for all of them.

Their father “Ssalongo” who is believed to have infected their mom with the illness it’s just so sad that he abandoned the family and distanced himself far not letting them any contacts and traces and where he could be maybe for about 3 years now. And it’s now the ill weakened mom to carry on the responsibility to survive and make the family ends meets by doing domestic labor to the community neighbors i.e.; Washing clothes, cleaning the neighbors compounds and staying with some working mothers’ babies during times of holidays to see that she can earn at least what she calls survival for her family though.

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This mother claims that one of her most prayers to the Lord her God is that, Even though she believes has not longer life left for her live but at least she believes God can make ways where they seem to be not and if possible, is to see her children go to school and have a better future because she knows education could be the most prestigious blessings that she could feel joy at heart if God gave her the potentials and ability to accomplish so.

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PLEASE join us in this work of making change in people’s lives and restoring hope to A hopeless community OF families and individuals. CHILDREN CURRENTLY ATTEND CLASS IN DESPERATE CONDITIONS. THEY NEED A modern school with better facilities THAT IS ready to enroll them, TO pursue their academic goals and REALIZE THEIR dreams.


Wasswa And Nakato now have a challenge of the first scholastic materials; Text books, Pencils, Pens, Art books Mathematical Sets, Crayon colors and school going requirements; School uniforms, Sport wears , Shoes, Bags e.t.c and the Second  study  surpport.

We urge Companies, Churches, Institutions and Individuals to join us work together as we teach and skill these young generation natives and restore hope in their families and lives.  Skill them about new creative and innovative ideas by the team set to change and transform youths and children’s lives for the better rest of their days of living.

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