About Us

Our Society.(Kawempe)


This team is made of up individuals who care. Our connections in the community and experience with financial management and service programs enable us to make your donation go as far as it can.


The majority of the families have an average number of six children per household and they struggle to survive by doing odd jobs. Therefore, all the family incomes are basically oriented to first needs and in most cases they cannot afford the cost of school fees for the children. In the case of a family that can afford the cost of the school fees, most of them don’t have money to purchase school materials, such as exercise and text books. As a result most of the children from these poor families drop out of schools without acquiring any skills, they end up on streets where they mostly adopt to many immoral acts at a very tender age such as drug abuse, robbery, pick-pocketing to mention but a few . Yet these Children are born with God-given special abilities and potentials which need to be utilized efficiently.

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Areas of Impact

  • Clean Water
  • Healthy Children
  • Better Futures
  • Education and Planning


Children support activities seeks to improve lives of poor children through vocational skills for orphans and vulnerable youth (modeling , hand making, tailoring and footwear making), educational support for 121 children, functional community development activities (micro credit; food aid to orphans and elderly people; health and hygiene trainings), environmental protection, running a charity fashion showcasing and developments to the children of the slum, supporting to the local community through the distribution of mosquito nets and medicaments, organizing sport and drama activities for the youth in the slums, and income generation through fashion shows/ sale to cover part of the costs of the organization.

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How We Work

skills for us all

Once we hit our goal, we will put our plan into action. Make sure that you sign up for our newsletter so that you can keep up to date on our progress.


As mentioned earlier the youth have nowhere to spend their time acquiring developmental skills. Besides, there is high unemployment. Therefore, a center that can be used as both training and skilling should be established. In the center there will be shops for young small-scale artists, mass production studios, sport center, arts and design studios and main auditorium for showcasing and gatherings. In the shops & studios those youngsters who took training and revolving credit shall undergo the venture of their own interest. The sport center shall provide indoor game services .The information center will give internet and information services. Main auditorium will be the main hall that is to be constructed together with the above centers. In these centers the remaining youth shall spend their time for recreation and showcase trainings.

 Donate with PayPal:  https://tinyurl.com/y2ff4oja