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Who We Are


African Rising State is the lone advocate and funding source for the struggling population of Kawempe, Kampala, Uganda.

The ARS mission is simple: Provide hope for the beautiful people of Uganda.

ARS provides badly needed funding for health, educational, and nutritional support programs that are vital to the needs of the local population.


The areas of intervention of this project are located in Uganda Kampala District, Kawempe division characteristically slum areas. People (youth, children, single mothers, orphans) living in these areas are in condition of extreme poverty, unemployment and consequently they have no possibility to afford the costs of basic needs such as healthcare, food and shelter.

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Why donate to African Rising State?

The benefactors of most charitable organizations see very little of the donated money, due to high overhead expenses of running a typical charity. The good news is that nearly 100% of ARS donated funds (minus a small PayPal fee), go DIRECTLY to the people of Kampala ,  Uganda!


The majority of the families have an average number of six children per household and they struggle to survive by doing odd jobs. Therefore, all the family incomes are basically oriented to first needs and in most cases they cannot afford the cost of school fees for the children. In the case of a family that can afford the cost of the school fees, most of them don’t have money to purchase school materials, such as exercise books,pens ,pencils and text books. As a result most of the children from these poor families drop out of schools without acquiring any skills, they end up on streets where they mostly adopt to many immoral acts at a very tender age such as drug abuse, robbery, pick-pocketing to mention but a few . Yet these Children are born with God-given special abilities and potentials which need to be utilized efficiently.

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Doing things the hard way...

Working so hard for so little


Africa Rising State aims to address these grievances through Artistry and Fashion Designing that’s to say through making them acquire skills like Tailoring, Painting, Footwear making, Art and Craft, Jewelry accessories(bungles , necklaces , earrings key holders, make-up brushes e.t.c)this cause is aimed at empowering hand making skills for single mothers, orphans, children from poverty stricken families.

Your donation to Africa Rising State, can transform the lives of the people of  Kampala , Uganda by providing modernization funding, and distribution avenues for local commerce.

You have way more power than you think you do!

You can help children acquire life innovative sustainable skills, and so much more! 

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Your support and contributions will enable us to make real changes. Every little bit counts!  

Project Aim

To improve the living standards of people living in slums and marginalized areas of Kampala, Uganda raising and uplifting self reliant citizens and leaders of tomorrow through entrepreneur skills, educational and skills training support through artistry and fashion designing.

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"I say to you today my friend, that in spite of the moment I

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